Using Car Axle Stands

If you are going to to work under a car, never ever forget to use the right axle stands to support the car before working under it. One should never compromise on the safety factor and always use car axle stands. On this page, you will get info on using car axle stands and their importance as safety features.

If you are using a jack, make sure to use car axle stands, too. They are not expensive. Before buying car axle stands, see that they are marked with a Safe Working Load, the bigger the number, the better. For people who think that using car axle stands is a bit too much bother, consider the fact that quite a few number of people die from cars falling on them every year. It is foolish to get under car, relying just on a trolley jack alone. Jack seals can fail sometimes and suddenly. The results can be disastrous. But when you use car axle stands, there are no seals to leak, and the weight of the car is spread over two points

First of all make sure that you have the right axle stands for the gross total weight of the vehicle. You should see that all the stands are placed on firm level ground. They should be correctly adjusted to hold the weight of the vehicle. One should never jack up one side of a car and then allow one driven wheel to rotate under the power of the engine. If your car is fitted with a limited slip differential, it will not be able to support itself for long.


When looking for the right axle stands, the size and shape of the saddle is essential. A flat saddle can be useless, as a vehicle can easily slide off it. Although a wide top is good, it is better to go for a cupped design, as it gives extra stability. But see to it that the cup is not too deep, as it can lead to damaging the upper edges of the underside of the car. An iron saddle is another plus point, as it tends to be kinder to the vehicle than steel. Other factors to look for when searching for the right axle stands is that the feet on each leg should spread the load. This will prevent the stand digging into the floor.