Checking Car Axle Boots

 On this page, you will get precise information on checking car axle boots. Before we go on to discuss the subject, let us try to know what axle boots are and their role. As you must know by now, the front car axles convey power from the differential to the front wheels. The axle boots hold the grease or lubricant for the constant velocity joints, which allow the turning of the front wheels, while helping in driving the car at the same time. Another function of these car axle boots is to also to keep debris and rubbish out of the constant velocity joints. Let us now go through the right steps to check car axle boots.


Step 1

Switch off the car engine and apply the parking brake. Lift the front end of the car with a Jack and then secure it with safety stands.

Step 2

Locate the axle boots at the end of each axle, going from the differential to the front wheels and examine them. When checking a car axle boot, search for any signs of grease or tears in the boot material.

 Step 3

When you check car axle boots, it is important to turn the front wheels of the car from one side to the other and also rotate the wheels. This will help you to see any hidden rips or tears in the axle boots.


 Step 4

The next step in checking car axle boots is to ensure that the boots move freely. They should not bind when turned. Listen carefully for any noises the axle boots might make when being turned. Remember that the axle boots should not make any noise at all and turn quietly.


Step 5

After examining car axle boots, once you have located the damage, you should repair or replace any damaged parts or joints that your check revealed.


Remove the safety stands and lower the car to the ground after checking car axle boots