How To Know If Car Axle Is Broken?

How to know if car axle is broken? Well, this is the prime focus of this page. Read on to find the answer.

The car axles, an important component of a wheeled vehicle, have to perform one or more of these purposes – driving, braking and steering the car. Their main purpose is to transfer the engine power and torque from the transmission to the drive wheels. How will one know if car axle breaks?  There are several indications that a car axle is broken and should be fixed immediately, for a broken car axle could cause considerable damage to your car.


Here is how to check if car axle is broken. First put your car into gear. If you hear the sound of a sudden clunking or sputtering, this is a clear indication of a broken car axle.


Another way to check if car axle is broken is to drive the car carefully down the road. If you feel an uncommon rumbling or some vibrations, which occur as you accelerate, or while turning the car, then the car axle is almost worn out or is nearly broken.

If car axle breaks, you should take the car to a certified mechanic. Let him judge

whether the car axle is actually broken or damaged. Only a mechanic can diagnose and solve the problem without causing additional damage to your car. He will tell you if you need a new car axle.

Thee car axle can break due to overloading, bad carrier bearing or perhaps a severe bump on the road. Remember that you cannot drive a car with a broker axle. It will eventually brake at the universal joint and will just rev up. You will not be able to go anywhere.
Go through he points mentioned in this article to know if car axle is broken.