Removing Car Axle

Once you start hearing a clicking noise when you turn your car or a vibration only when you're accelerating, chances are that your car needs a new axle. But before you step out for removing car axle, first thing to figure out is hoe bad the car axle is. Signs of a bad axel would be a damaged boot with grease slinging out or if one side or the other vibrates upon hitting the gas. This indicates a broken or worn inner joint in the car axle. Once you see these symptoms, it is a clear indication to remove car axle.


The car axles can be found connected to the wheels of your car. The CV joint connects the axle and wheel together and it is important to maintain this joint for the axles to do their job properly.

In this article, you will get a brief sum up on changing car axle. First of all, you would need some important tools to start with. For example, sockets of different measure (32mm, 19mm or 17mm), 1/2'' driver for big sockets, a wrench or additional socket, pipe wrench, 3/8'' driver for drain plug/sockets and a hammer of course.


Now, the first step in removing car axle is to take off the center cap from wheel. The car should be sitting on the ground on all wheels. Remove the spindle nut from end of axle through center of wheel. This is really difficult to do with the car in the air. Jack up corner of car, remove wheel and remove 17mm castle nut, holding the lower control arm to spindle. Then remove the bolt that secures bottom of damper fork to lower control arm. You can use mallet or hammer to break control arm free from spindle. To remove car axle, bang one end of axle through back side of spindle to free it from the hub Wrap the pipe wrench jaws around the car axle between axle cup and transmission housing. Once you tighten the pipe wrench, leave a bit of slack and then kick pipe wrench handle so that the axle pops free. Change car axle


We hope you find our brief guide on removing car axle useful.